Ecobank injected D6.1 million to support Gambia’s participation in the Afcon

Ecobank MD presenting the Cheque to Minister Badjie

In fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Ecobank Gambia Limited has donated a substantial amount of D6.1 million dalasis to support Gambia’s participation in the AFCON competition in Ivory Coast.

The bank also gave a cheque of D1.5 million dalasis to the NCC (African Cup of Nations National Coordinating Committee), support GRTS and other radio channels with a total of D1.3 million for live match transmissions, and provide funding of D3.1 million for Gambian customers’ airfare, accommodation, and entertainment in Ivory Coast.

In collaboration with Ecobank Côte d’Ivoire, Ecobank Gambia will offer comprehensive banking services, including cash management at all locations and issuing Visa cards.

According to the Pan African Bank, it aims to boost the morale of our footballers by ensuring they have the necessary resources for optimal performance in the upcoming AFCON matches. This generous contribution will pave the way for the triumph of our national football team, the Scorpions.

“The group decided to embark on the sponsorship at that level because of the group’s Ecobank Group’s belief that Africa is our home. We have nowhere to go, and therefore, whatever is happening on the African continent, Ecobank is in the right position to support such an agenda. Having mentioned what the group is doing at the group level at the Central Open, see continental level; we are supporting the sponsorship as Ecobank Gambia,’ the group managing director, Mr. John Nyaaba, said while presenting the Cheque to the Minister of Youth and Sports.

He said: ” We are supporting the gallant Army Scorpions with a check amount of D1.5 million. Besides sponsoring the Scorpions with the 1.5 million dalasi, We know that football has to be transmitted when it is being played. We know we have the greatest Gambian radio and television service, which must also be supported to give Gambians viewership.”

Receiving the Cheque, the Minister of Sports, Bakary Badjie, harped pride on the bank for supporting the national team’s participation in the Afcon.

“We are pleased to be here and for many reasons. One, because we are here to receive an amount of support, as you mentioned, 1.5 to the NTC, but more so or additional supports that are going to be given to the Gambian staff, to the ideas which I believe need a lot of support and to other sectors as well,” the minister said.

He added: ” Six million plus is a significant amount of contribution. We are happy because we see this as the beginning of a relationship between Ecobank, the Ministry, the Football Federation, and the country’s sports fraternity. The reason is that for many years, we’ve been talking about it personally. When I was appointed three years ago, I’ve always said that sports are not a public-sector financing industry but a private-sector financing industry.”


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