Essa Faal says Jungler Manjang’s claims are ‘utterly false’

Essa Faal

By Foday Manneh

The former presidential candidate and lead counsel of the Gambia’s truth commission, Essa Mbaye Faal, has responded to claims by a former member of Ex-President Jammeh’s death squad, fugitive Sanna Manjang as “completely and utterly false” after accusing him of bribing him to testified against Jammeh.

“I have heard on Social Media the claims by Sanna Manjang (Gambia’s notorious killer) about me bribing him – some incoherent story – his claims are completely and utterly false.” Faal frowned in a statement posted on his official social media pages.

The former Presidential candidate said Manjang’s claims are no more than a lousy fabrication, a figment of his delirious imagination, and deserve no further comment from him or as a waste of valuable time.

Sanna Manjang is, among the former close aides to ex-President Jammeh, was adversely mentioned at the truth commission, TRRC, for being part of the killer group known as the “Junglers” of the former Gambian President, Yaya Jammeh.

In an interview, he alleged that Essa Faal called him, asking him to return to Gambia and testify against Jammeh at the TRRC.

Manjang made these claims in an interview on Kabefo Radio, an online radio in the United Kingdom, claiming he has evidence of the call he had with the lead counsel Essa Faal.


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