Former GDC MP Backs Lowe for Banjul, Talib for KM & Darboe for WC


By Foday Manneh

Former Member of Parliament for Niamina East under the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) party, Honourable Omar Ceesay, has expressed his backing of UDP candidates in Banjul, KM, and West Coast and called electorates to vote for them in office.

“The political supporters across opposition political parties, including the GDC within the greater Banjul area, should consider voting for Talib Ahmed Bensouda for KMC, Rohey Malick Lowe for Banjul, and Yankuba Darboe for BAC in the absence of any aspiring candidates coming from their parties in the forthcoming mayoral and chairmanship elections,” Hon declared.

“However, I do not by any authority have the unilateral decision to translate this proposal into effect, but my submission could be given a second thought when the need arises at any juncture,” he added.

Ceesay said his proposal does not reflect any form of a definitive coalition between the opposition parties but instead fosters their individual and collective interests and political strength as opposition parties to limit the powers of the incumbent over certain matters on local council authorities.

“Similarly, I am urging other opposition players within other regions to apply a related strategy wherein feasible to secure more seats for the opposition,” he urged.

Honourable Ceesay reiterated that the rationale behind his call is to mobilize support and votes for opposition candidates who have the potential to win and deliver regardless of party affiliation.


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