Newly Sworn-in Chairman Darboe promises to end Corruption in BAC


By Fatou Dahaba

The newly elected chairman of the Brikama area council in the west coast region has promised to end corruption in the council as he takes an oath of office with his elected councilors.

Yankuba Darboe, an opposition chairman, won the chairmanship elections after a resounding victory against the incumbent government candidate Seedy Ceesay.

Chairman Darboe with his party leader and wife at the swearing-in ceremony

Chairman Darboe said there is no doubt that BAC is corrupt and ineffective and has failed the people of the West Coast for far too long.

“We will fight with every strength and make sure the status quo does not sustain because the status quo is unsustainable and the plight of the people cannot and should not retrogress beyond the current limits.”

He added, “Thus they must yarn to change, and if they do not change, we will change you.”

Darboe expects the central government to appreciate and respect the democratic wish and aspirations of the people of the West Coast Region and collaborate with them to attain the development goal of the people of WCR.

“The role of the central government is to complement and support the local councils to achieve their development goals for the prosperity of the people. It is not the role of the central government to undermine, suppress or sabotage the local governments.”

In this vein, he implores the central government to be more supportive of the attachment of their goals.

Ousman Bojang, the Governor of WCR, who administers the oath, urges the newly elected councilors and chairman to work tirelessly to serve the public interest of the West Coast.

Ousman Bojang, the Governor of WCR, administers the oath to the newly elected chairman, Yankuba Darboe.

He said having more female councilors was the first time in history in the region. He hoped it would be a stepping stone for female politicians to realize their potential.

Buba Sanyang, Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Lands and Local Government said swearing-in is the beginning of the fulfillment of campaign promises of the newly elected Councilors and Chairman.

He said,’ This signifies the need for you to collaborate with stakeholders and among themselves to steer the affair of BAC.’

” You should coordinate among yourself and also acquaint yourself with the local government act, local government and finance act other policy documents governing the local government authorities, and they should quickly consult relevant stakeholders to set up decentralization structures to will enable them to deliver what they’re task to do.”

Twenty-eight elected ward councilors took their oath of office and secrecy administered by the Governor and Chief Executive Officer of Brikama Area Council.

Meanwhile, a deputy chairman in Ismaila Jallow, a councilor for Suba ward, was voted for at the first councilor meeting after the swearing-in ceremony.


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