Pura trains fuel pump attendants on safety & security

Participants at the training

By Fatou Dahaba

On Wednesday, The Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) began a two-day for fuel pump attendants on fire safety and standard operating procedures at Metzy residence hotel in Kololi.

The training seeks to equip fuel pump attendants with the knowledge to enhance efficient service delivery concerning customers and potential risks at stations and identify hazards and response methods in case of accidents.

Yusupha M. Jobe, Director General of PURA, said it is his firm conviction that capacity building anchored on relevance, as encapsulated in the Authority’s strategy plan (2022-2024), has the potential to improve the quality of petroleum services.

“This makes today’s training session more eminently relevant as it intends to point out practical issues inherent in your work routine and tries to offer best practices to fill any existing gaps.”

“You become important venues for the public to shop, and customer service should not be taken for granted. So I am glad it has been included as an integral part of the program.”

He recognized the importance of safety, noting PURA has been periodically investing in refresher training on the latest industry safety practices.

Mr. Amat Janha from the Gambia Fire and Rescue Service, who represents the chief fire Officer said the training is a reminder that prevention is vital and can only be achieved when one got competent and knowledgeable staff in handling operation facilities.

He is optimistic that the partnership and collaboration between his institution and PURA will continue and ensure all the critical facilities known for high fire risk are run by people trained in prevention, protection, and response.

“When we want to do away with accidents, injuries, and sometimes death, then all pump attendants, managers, and operators in such facilities should have the knowledge and skills to prevent and protect and to be committed to using and be able to operate the equipment they use.”

According to him, to ensure a safe working system, all staff of fuel companies should be competent and knowledgeable in making safety standards or regulations.

Mr. Muhammed Hydara, a training consultant, said it is essential for sector regulators to observe and guide the sector to ensure it operates appropriately in a safe and secure environment.

He urged participants to learn and practice it at their various workplaces.


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