Freaky Joe Embarks on the Mission to Uplift Gambian Artists’ Struggles

Freaky Joe in his new state of art studios

By: Alieu Ceesay

Freaky Joe, a renowned Gambian International Artist, Producer, and Sound engineer whose real name is Alagie Singateh, embarked on his musical journey during his senior school years. This led to him being affectionately nicknamed ‘Freaky Joe’ by his peers due to the unique style he brought to music production.

To overcome a major obstacle Gambian artists face, Singateh founded PakMusic studio, a state-of-the-art music studio at his Bala Estate residence. This highlights the significance of digital studios for creating top-notch music.

He emphasized that while it was challenging to access studios during his time and that many home-based setups claiming to have studios lack quality, he decided to establish an industry-standard facility that would support both emerging and established musicians.

Studio engineering experience gained in Europe played a vital role for Singateh. He went on to work with many notable musicians, including The Gambia’s King of Kora Jaliba Kuyateh and Freetown talents like Emmerson, K-Man, Jungle Leaders, and Shady Baby.

With his commitment to supporting local talent, Freky Joe’s studio offers services such as Mixing and Mastering Music Production at accessible rates, allowing artists to achieve their desired level of quality without breaking the bank.

Despite his success, Singateh faces challenges, particularly with artists’ poor time management. He emphasized the importance of punctuality, stating, ‘For me, if you cannot stick to time, then you’re not a serious person.’

Using his expertise, Freaky Joe delivers occasional lectures to artists, highlighting the sector’s foundation laid by them and the necessity of endless betterment.

With an eye on the future, Freky Joe intends to amplify his state-of-the-art facility while planning to organize a Gala Dinner to honor artists and industry players in December 2024. This is all part of how he can continue giving back by boosting awareness around local talent hailing from The Gambia.

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