Gambia Revenue Authority Targets D19.2B Revenue Collection for 2024

Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe

In his end-of-year press conference at the GRA headquarters in Banjul last week, Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe said 2023 was remarkable in revenue performance. He gives assurances of GRA’s commitment to the task of collecting the 19.2 billion dalasis target for 2024.

Senior management team members joined Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe at this end-of-year press conference.

The media interface focuses on the GRA’s revenue mobilization performance, reforms undertaken, challenges faced during the 2023 financial year, and plans for 2024.

In 2023, the Government tasked GRA to collect the sum of 15.2 billion dalasis, indicating a growth of 19 percent from the 2022 revenue target.

CG Darboe said his office has successfully implemented a series of Reforms and strategies in 2023 to enhance efficiency and transparency and optimize revenue collection processes.

Additionally, the Authority signed a PPP contract to implement the Single Window Platform, e-tracking, and digital weighbridge, whose implementations are underway to enhance trade and improve revenue administration.

This year, he said, the GRA is committed to further Reforms and digitization to expand the tax base, facilitate trade, and enhance compliance. The GRA targets 19.2 billion dalasis.

He commends and thanks his board, management, staff, the Government, and taxpayers for supporting the GRA in its mandate.

He clarifies that the revenue target increase does not imply increased taxes paid.
The GRA head denies claims that import duty charges are a lot cheaper in Senegal and in The Gambia.

In The Gambia’s 2024 Budget, anchored on reducing the overall fiscal deficit, the finance and economic affairs ministry intends to rationalize expenditure to improve domestic revenue mobilization and employ innovative non-debt revenue-creating initiatives.

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