Gambian diplomats successfully rescued nationals from a Russian detention center

the Gambian Deputy Head of Mission to Russia, Rt General Langtombong Tamba, and the Consular to the Embassy, Mr. Habiboulie K. Jawo

On May 15, 2024, a story of empathy and diplomacy emerged when the Gambian Deputy Head of Mission to Russia, Rt General Langtombong Tamba, along with the Embassy’s Consular, Mr. Habiboulie K. Jawo, successfully negotiated the release of five Gambian nationals from a Russian Immigration Detention Center. The individuals were detained for exceeding the duration of their tourist visas, originally issued in Qatar.

General Tamba and Hon. Jawo’s diplomatic prowess was evident as they successfully negotiated the release of their fellow citizens and secured a 15-day grace period for them to depart from Russia. Exceeding their formal responsibilities, the diplomats organized accommodations, supplied food and offered financial support to assist the released Gambians in their transition. The Gambians’ profound appreciation for the diplomats was felt, reflecting the significant effect of their efforts.

One resident told TAT that this wasn’t the first time General Tamba and Hon. Jawo had helped Gambians facing immigration challenges in Russia. 

Earlier this year, they successfully intervened to secure the freedom of over 25 Gambians, whose lodgings were raided after a terrorist attack in Moscow, had overstayed their visas, and lacked proper work documentation. Despite the risks posed by Russia’s stringent immigration policies, the diplomatic skill of two individuals secured the release of their fellow citizens.

Through their actions, General Tamba and Hon. Jawo have afforded their fellow Gambians the opportunity to gain freedom and offered them a means to regularize their status or plan their departure from the country. These developments highlight the crucial role of diplomatic intervention in safeguarding the rights and welfare of foreign nationals, especially in challenging circumstances.

“General Tamba and Hon. Jawo serve as shining examples of dedicated ambassadors, bridging the gap between their home country and the host nation to ensure the safety and well-being of their compatriots. Their actions have undoubtedly instilled a sense of security and hope in the hearts of the Gambians they have rescued,” one grateful Gambian in Moscow said of the two men serving the Gambian mission in Russia. 


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