Lang Bala Sawo Financial Scandal: Workers Allegedly Paid D50,000 for Employment 

Lang Bala Sawo, the President of the Gambia Maritime Dockworkers Union

By Alieu Ceesay 

Recent developments in the Lang Bala Sawo financial scandal have implicated the now-suspended Dock and Maritime Workers Union president. It is alleged that workers paid fifty thousand Dalasis (50,000) for employment opportunities within the union. These allegations came to light at a union meeting on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, where it was unanimously decided to suspend Lang Bala Sawo indefinitely.

The allegations against Mr. Sawo, which include selective promotions, financial mismanagement, and fostering division among laborers, have sparked a call for systemic change within the union. The workers, driven by over D17 million in corruption allegations against the suspended President, are now advocating for a new era in the Dock and Maritime Workers Union. 

Fafa Sanyang, a senior Dock and Maritime Workers Union staff member, disclosed several irregularities under Sawo’s tenure. “Some staff here paid fifty thousand Dalasis to secure employment, which is unacceptable. In essence, people are buying jobs here,” Sanyang revealed. 

Sanyang noted a departure from the traditional merit-based promotion principle under Sawo’s administration. “Promotions are granted based on an individual’s relationship with Lang. Some employees have worked here for over 30 years without promotion, while others are promoted to supervisor within just 10 years,” he lamented. 

Furthermore, political affiliations appear to play a significant role in this scandal. Sanyang disclosed that over D17 million was expected to be in the Dock Workers Account, but investigations revealed only sixty-one thousand Dalasis currently in the account. 

TAT will continue to monitor this corruption scandal and provide updates to its readers.


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