Gambian Women’s Rights Advocate Recognized with International Women’s Rights Award 

Fatou Baldeh

By: Alieu Ceesay 

Fatou Baldeh, a prominent Gambian women’s rights activist, has been honored for her unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights of women and girls, receiving the prestigious 2024 International Women’s Rights Award from the Geneva Summit coalition.

Reacting to the news, Mrs. Baldeh, the awardee, expressed her delight, emphasizing the award’s significance in spotlighting her efforts and inspiring future generations. 

“I am thrilled to receive this recognition,” she exclaimed. “I like to think that there is a young girl or young woman somewhere who sees this acknowledgment and thinks they can do amazing stuff, too.” The award acknowledges her impactful work through the organization she founded, Women In Liberation and Leadership (WILL), which tirelessly advocates for the empowerment and protection of women and girls. 

Among her notable initiatives, she highlights the ongoing battle to safeguard the ban against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the Gambia, emphasizing the importance of international attention in combatting this threat. “I hope this award puts more light on this threat and brings the issue further in the international spotlight,” she remarked. 

She will receive the award on May 15th, 2024, presented by the Summit Coalitions members.

With previous honors, including recognition as an international woman of courage and a member of The Most Excellent Order of The British Empire, the award reaffirms her unwavering commitment to women’s rights and symbolizes the resilience of Gambian women. Despite facing backlash and attacks for challenging entrenched norms, she remains steadfast in her mission to empower young women and men, advocating for informed and healthy choices for themselves and future generations.


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