Gambians in Germany to Protest unlawful killing of a Gambian man in Tubingen City


By: Bakary Ceesay, in Germany

The Gambian and African migrants community in Germany have called for a mass demonstration to express their disappointment over comments made by Mayor Boris Erasmus Palmer of Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen for suggesting that a Gambian killed in the city was a drug peddler.

Basiru Jallow, a Gambian man, was murdered last week. Soon after the news broke, Mayor Boris Erasmus Palmer wrote a racist and discriminatory comment against Gambian migrants.

Mafoday Cham, a Gambian residing in Tubingen for more than two decades, called on all Gambians and Africans within the Region of Stuttgart to come in large numbers to demonstrate against racism in Tübingen.

Mafoday Cham

“We are partnering with institutions against racism to send a clear message to the Mayor that racism has no place in a civilized society, and we are calling on all Africans to come out in their large numbers,” Cham, known for helping Africans in the areas to integrating into the society told Alkamba Times.

He explained that last week another young man aged just 23 was stabbed to death by a man after an altercation.

According to newspaper reports, the Gambian victim was stabbed by a Croat who was later arrested by Tübingen police.

“As far as I can remember, in the last two decades that I have lived in Tübingen, I have never heard of such a brutal act that took the life of a young Gambian after an altercation. This is an unfortunate moment for the victim’s family and us Gambians who live and work peacefully by the thousands in the city and district of Tübingen,” Cham said.

Cham, chief executive of Demabadu catering, added: “I have to admit that the mayor of Tübingen is heartless and irresponsible and probably a racist… A mayor would be expected to respond to the tragedy with words of condolence but not words that symbolize the victim, who was brutally murdered, and harassed, regardless of the cause of the dispute. But, of course, the cause of the altercation, when related to criminal behavior, is an approach that any responsible Lord Mayor will use after the police investigation is complete, and justice served.”

“It is regrettable that Boris Palmer, known for his controversial statements and actions, gives the impression that he cares less when black lives are at stake. May I remind Mr. Palmer that as mayor of Tübingen, his primary responsibility is public administration, which includes the protection and inclusion of minorities in the city? Unfortunately, in many cases, Boris Palmer uses his status to polarize the situation, especially when migrants are involved in a very polarizing state of affairs, which endangers the sociocultural relations and activities in Tübingen and causes a rift in society that views migrants as criminals. Additionally, Palmer must be reminded that black people living in Tubingen are not only involved in drugs but also make important contributions to Tubingen’s social and economic well-being.”

He urged all young people from Gambia to stay away from any illegal trade or activities.


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