MPs raise concerns on price hike & security challenges at NA adjournment debate


By Fatou Dahaba

The National Assembly members on Thursday convened their adjournment debate on development issues, such as a hike in the price of goods, security issues, and challenges facing their constituents.

The National Assembly member for Kiang West, Lamin Ceesay, called on the President of the Republic to apologize to the Gambians for calling the “Auditor’s Report” a mere opinion, saying the statement discredits such national reports and promotes corruption.

“It is disappointing to hear this from the executive to say national audit reports are opinions or biased. However, this constitution still gives you powers that if they are not doing their job diligently the constitution mandates you to remove them from office, the President has does powers,” Hon Ceesay said.

He added, “they have autonomy and independence; therefore, their exercise and operations must be independent and imperial to work effectively and efficiently.”

The NAM for Foni Bintang Karangnai, Bakary K. Badgie, urged the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education to introduce clothing allowance for teachers nationwide, citing that they need more motivation with the least pay.

“If teachers are not given enough salary, it will be difficult to perform well in class. But, unfortunately, this will also affect the student’s performance,” Bakary said.

The parliamentarian for Sanimentereng, Hon Fatou Cham, raised concern over the indiscriminate loitering of mentally challenged persons in the streets, arguing that they are at risk of motor vehicle accidents and likes.
She urged the Minister of Health to provide a well-accommodative environment for such a group of people in society.

Members of Brikama South, Jeshwang, and Upper Niumi raised concerns over the hike in prices of essential commodities affecting average Gambians. They all argued that inflation does not match the living standard of people.


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