Gambia’s Military Debunk Confrontation Claim, as Senegalese Soldiers Cross to Casamance

GAF Spokesperson Captain Malick Sanyang

By Mafugi Ceesay

Gambia Armed Forces spokesperson Captain Malick Sanyang has debunked the claim on social media that Gambian soldiers at the Farafenni Barrack Tuesday morning confronted the Senegalese soldiers crossing through the transGambia highway to enter the southern Senegal region.

In an interview with The Alkamba Times, Captain Sanyang said the Gambian soldiers were only confirming the weapons, vehicles, vehicle numbers, and size that the Senegalese men came with, in connection with the data that was sent for review before their crossing into Casamance.

“Regarding that Farafenni incident, that information is misleading. What happened was, since, on the 4th, they (Senegalese) put in a request to cross over to Senoba, on the other side in Casamance. This is a normal occurrence; it keeps on happening. What happened was upon their (Senegalese soldiers) arrival consistent with the protocol, they (Gambian Soldiers) checked that what was put in the request is actually what they (Gambian soldiers) were seeing physically. So they have to make that confirmation in terms of the personnel, vehicles, size, number, and all that. So, that’s what they (Gambian soldiers) did before escorting them (the Senegalese soldiers) to the other side of the bank to Senoba on the border, and along the route from northern Senegal to southern Senegal.

So, using the Trans-Gambia route along which is the Farafenni military camp is located has been a normal crossing point for them (Senegalese soldiers), whenever they have deployment either in the southern or the northern part”.

The Senegalese military Sunday launched military operations against the MFDC separatist movement in Casamance.

Meanwhile, the Gambian military’s quick reaction force has been deployed in the border area to protect villagers, many of whom are being displaced by the conflict.

The Gambian authorities have also announced the arrival of refugees fleeing from the conflict zone and is working with the UN to assist them.


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