German court rules in favor of Gambian player

Gambian international footballer Bakery Jatta

By: Pa Barrow

It was good news for Gambian international footballer Bakery Jatta as a district court in Hamburg ruled in his favor, rejecting proceedings against him amid claims of fake identity.

The court ruled that no sufficient suspicion was found against the Hamburg striker.

The Bild Newspaper reported an official statement from the Hamburg judiciary which stated that the district court of Hamburg Altona had rejected the opening of main proceedings because it did not offer sufficient suspicion of the accused.
This means that Jatta is now officially innocent in the eyes of the law and did not obtain a residence permit by fraud.

In December 2021, the public prosecutor’s office brought charges of alleged violation of the residence act against Bakery Jatta.

There were reports that the footballer was actually called Bakery Daffeh and that he was two years older than stated in his official documents.

Jatta denied allegations and said he was not playing under a false identity, saying these were rumors from people who did not wish him well in his career.

Jatta’s lawyer, Thomas Bilweir had tried to prevent the opening of the main proceedings with an objection that led to his current success.

He told the German Press Agency (DPA) that the public prosecutor office could not prove that Jatta had deceived or given false information.

The district court said the ordering of subsequent investigation is not necessary. According to results of the investigation, adding that it must be established with sufficient certainty that the accused person’s name is Bakery Jatta and he was born on June 6th, 1998.


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