Gambia Participates deploys 415 Domestic Observers for NA Elections 

Gambia Participates Election Observers

Gambia Participates has been accredited by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of The Gambia to observe the 2022 National Assembly elections.

Following the deployment of the largest systematic election observation mission in the December 4th 2021 Presidential election, Gambia Participates will be deploying a total of 415 Domestic Observers for the 2022 National Assembly election. Sixty-five (65) observers will serve as Long-term Observers (LTOs) across all the 53 constituencies in the 7 regions of The Gambia and 350 observers will be deployed as Polling Unit Observers.

On March 4th 2022, GP’s Long-Term Observers were deployed to observe the pre-election environment across the country using standard checklist and reporting tools provided by Gambia Participates. These LTOs will be observe the following areas:

General Environment, IEC Preparatory Activities, Voter Education Activities, Political Campaigns, Abuse of State Resources, Critical Incident and Covid-19 Prevention.


The 350 Polling Unit Observers will be deployed on a proportional basis to observe the opening of polls, voting, closing of polls, vote collation, critical incidents and Covid-19 prevention at their designated polling stations.

Gambia Participates will continue to run its Election Data Center comprising of 30 data entry clerks, six (6) thematic experts on elections, political science, law, anti- corruption, and social media.

Gambia Participates is an advocacy group that is apolitical and the organization work towards strengthening good governance. Our election observation mission is geared towards adding credibility in the electoral process and as well provide recommendations to improve democratic elections in The Gambia.

Gambia Participates election observation mission is jointly supported by the Gambia Bar Association and Transitional Justice Working Group.


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