GRTS Fatou Sanneh-Ceesay resigns following reports of sidelining Allegations

Fatou Sanneh- Ceesay

One of the longest-serving staff of state- Owned Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), Fatou Sanneh-Ceesay, has tendered her resignation on Friday amid allegations of sidelining by the new GRTS leadership, The Alkamba Times can report.

Mrs. Sanneh, who until her resignation, was the National Broadcasters director of the TV Programme, a position she held for many years. She is among the first female staff of national television, having rose from reporter to director of a TV programme over 20 years of service to the nation’s TV.

According to an insider close to the senior management, Mrs. Sanneh has on several occasions expressed her frustration with how the new administration under Abdoulie Sey, a former Radio Editor, treated her.

” She was sidelined on most of the TV programming decisions,” a source with knowledge of the development told TAT.

Multiple sources also told TAT there is growing discontent at the state broadcaster following the leadership change in early 2023, with many experienced journalists and administrators leaving the institution.

“A passionate and innovative graduate, development diplomat, and a hardworking and ambitious media professional with a dept. Analytical approach to information, who has more than 17 years of relevant experience in television and two years in radio broadcasting- rising to the current position of senior manager of television programs of The Gambia Radio and Television Services while heading the program department in partnerships with UNICEF; acquired, for the first time, the West and Central African media winning awards for 2005 and 2006. Determined, focused, and self-motivated with a life-long quest for intellectual curiosity. Proactive and always ready to take on new challenges to earn a rewarding career expounding invaluable communication skills and creativity, demonstrating viable and strategic professional leadership competence,” A short LinkedIn describing Mrs. Sanneh said of the long-time broadcaster.

Efforts to speak with the GRTS management prove futile when going to the press.


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