‘He is Not Ousainou Bojang’: Yanks Darboe Refutes Claim Ousainou Bojang’s Presence in His Court Hearing

Yanks Darboe appearing in court flanks by supporters last week in Banjul.

The chairman of the Brikama Area Council, Yankuba Darboe, has released pictures of his security detail personnel, whom he claimed is being wrongly identified by The Gambia Police Force as Ousainou Bojang, the alleged killer of the two police officers on Tuesday night.

The Gambia Government Spokesperson Sankareh and the police force, in the early stages of their investigation, revealed that the alleged killer, Ousainou Bojang, was in Banjul during Chairam Yankuba Darboe’s last court hearing. Sankareh further linked the suspected killer to the Brikama Area Council, telling Peter Gomez during Coffee Time on West Coast Radio that Ousainou works as a security officer at the Brikama Area Council.

Yankuba Darboe, in addition to the council’s rebuttal about the claim by the government spokesperson, released pictures of his security detail personnel, whom he said is not Ousainou as claimed by Sankareh and the police.

“This is the picture of my security detail Personnel that the Gambia Police Force, the Gambia Government spokesperson, and their social media surrogates are peddling to be Ousainou Bojang (the cop killer) at my last court hearing in Banjul.

He is not Ousainou Bojang! This harassment and political persecution by the Gambia Police Force on the pretext of criminal investigation has to stop,” Yankuba wrote.

The government spokesman has said that video footage shows Ousainou Bojang, the alleged killer of the police officers who are currently under the custody of the police, was in Banjul during the court hearing of Yankuba Darboe, a day UDP sympathizers stormed the capital in the bustling crowd to show support to Yankuba Darboe.

Yesterday, the Brikama Area Council refuted Sankareh’s claim that the alleged killer works as a security officer for the council.


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