Suspected Killer of Paramilitaries was Member of a Rebel Group in Cassamance, says NSA

Abubacarr Jeng, the National Security Adviser (NSA) to President Adama Barrow

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh

Abubacarr Jeng, the National Security Adviser (NSA) to President Adama Barrow, has revealed that Ousainou Bojang, the suspected Killer of two paramilitary police officers, was a member of a Rebel Group in Cassamance, Senegal, adding that he has not previously worked in any security apparatus of The Gambia.

The NSA made these remarks on Friday at the Police Headquarters as authorities convened the first press briefing to update the public on the progress of investigations in the fatal shooting of three police officers at the Sukuta-Jabang roundabout on Tuesday, 12th September 2023.
Mr. Jeng said six other accomplices of the suspect have also been arrested and put under police custody.

Responding to a question asked by TAT Reporter as to where the suspect might have acquired the alleged Pistol used in the shooting and killing of the police officers, the National Security Adviser said he is yet to get the specification of the gun used in his briefings, noting that the suspect acquired the weapon from Cassamance where he was serving as a fighting for one of the rebel groups.

“I’m not aware where it is indicated in the report that was availed to me that there was a specific description of the weapon; what we know is that it is a pistol/firearm. We also know that the suspect has indicated that he has acquired the weapon in Cassamance,” Abubacarr Jeng, NSA, revealed at the presser.

He added: “The suspect has indicated that he has not served in any security institutions but was a member of a Rebel Group in Cassamance. The weapon is not from any of our inventories as far as our arms and ammunition are concerned. Still, he has indicated that he was a member of a Rebel Group in Cassamance and has fought in the Cassamance insurgency, where he acquired the weapon.”

The National Security Adviser further revealed that six other accomplices of the suspect, Ousainou Bojang, have been arrested and are currently under detention while declining to mention the names of the other accomplices due to the sensitivity of the case and the nature of the investigation.

“As I have indicated during my briefing, other than the suspect, Ousainou Bojang, there are other six people, but I will not mention their names here. I can indicate to (journalists) that m the information we have from the investigators, none of them are from any of the country’s security institutions,” NSA disclosed.

He added: “This I can highlight to you, that yes, other than Ousainou Bojang, there’s another six, but due to the sensitivity and nature of the investigation, I’m not at liberty to give you names. I can also tell you that none of them currently are part of our security institutions.”


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