Heartbreaking to Jammeh Victims


The daughter of former prominent political activist, Solo Sadeng has been reacting to news of the NPP/APRC alliance ahead of the December Presidential elections.

Fatoumatta Sandeng described the move as heartbreaking assault on victims in their journey for justice.

Speaking in an exclsuive interview with The Alkamba Times from her base in Germany, Sandeng who is leading efforts to bring Jammeh to justice said Gambians have been tortured, killed, maimed and sent to exile by the same APRC government and victims still look forward to ensuring everyone who participated in the regimes crimes faces justice including former President Yahya Jammeh’.

‘Barrow was elected by Gambians including victims in whose names he campaigned’ Sandeng observed with rile

Coming at the peak of the TRRC which is due to submit its report and recommendations, victims like Fatoumatta Sandeng need assurances that the current government will deliver as promised.

‘This coalition goes to show that Barrow has no regards for neither Gambia as a country nor the victims as well as the Transitional justice process.’

Fatoumatta like many Gambians including advocates and international jurists have been expressing shock and utmost disappointment with the move since its announcement during the weekend.

‘Victims need to be stronger now than ever because of the current status quo.’

I have faith in the Gambian electorates, Sandeng said, expressing hope that Gambians will vote for justice in the December 4th elections.