Protesting the Betrayal of Adama Barrow

Protesting the Betrayal of Adama Barrow by Madi Jobarteh
Protesting the Betrayal of Adama Barrow by Madi Jobarteh

The People of The Gambia ended Dictatorship by voting out the Tinpot Dictator in 2016 and voted in Adama Barrow. But today Adama decided to bring back the Tinpot Dictator in 2021 in total disregard of the best interest of the People. #Treason!

The treachery of Adama Barrow is apparent as noon day sun. The evidence lies in the fact that neither him nor NPP or APRC has the guts to disclose their obnoxious MoU publicly since they claimed to sign it on September 2. Rather this criminal agreement and document has been kept away from public view and knowledge because they know it represents the worst betrayal on earth.

The alleged document circulating on social speaks to the capacity of Adama Barrow to sell The Gambia, the real prodigal son of the motherland. Yes, NPP media platforms and surrogates can attempt to label that document as fake but if they have courage and honesty and believe in the justness and truth of the actions of their leader, let them just share the original authentic document… if they are honest indeed.

But they won’t because since 2017 Adama Barrow has championed himself to be worst son of The Gambia. Far worse than Yaya Jammeh because which son on earth will know that a particular killer and rapist had killed and raped your father, mother, daughter and son yet that same person goes back to beg that particular killer and rapist to befriend!

This is what Adama Barrow has done to The Gambia. It is plain like water that under the APRC Regime led by Tinpot Dictator Yaya Jammeh, Gambian mothers, fathers, sons and daughters were brutally raped and mercilessly killed for 22 good years. During that period the APRC had total Ontario of both the Executive and the Legislature yet they encouraged the brutality against Gambians in total abandonment of their constitutional and legal obligations to stop Yaya Jammeh.

It was because of that merciless brutality of that regime during which our citizens shed blood, tears and suffered broken bones that Gambians massively voted for Adama Barrow. To now have that same Adama Barrow abandon The Gambia and her crying citizens to run back to that killer and rapist tyrant and his evil party is indeed the most ungodly and unpatriotic act ever to take place on the soil of The Gambia.

Any Gambian, any political party, any CSO and any businessmen or woman who fails to speak out to condemn this bastardization of our dear motherland should consider oneself as aiding and abetting this betrayal. Anyone who loves The Gambia and respect and value the humanity and dignity of The Gambia and her citizens must condemn this betrayal and should not remain still.

I may not have any power to change anything but as I stand here dressed in white and draped in our national colours I. Protest, I sincerely pray to Allah to smash and disgrace Adama Barrow on this earth and in the hereafter forever and ever. May Allah torment and disgrace all those people who stand behind him to defend, justify, support , encourage and advise him to betray Mother Gambia.

Today the souls of our departed are in deep pain. May Allah continue to grant them peace in Janatul Firdawsi. Amen

For The Gambia Our Homeland