“I Got the News of Unconfirmed Withdrawal, But I had Already Sent My Acceptance Letter,”- says New GRTS DG 


Minutes after this medium published the recent appointment of Mr. Abubakar Darbo as the new Director-General of the State broadcaster, a local news medium ran a contrary headline saying Mr. Darboe’s appointment to the top job of GRTS has been rescinded.

TAT asked Mr. Darboe whether he had been written to regarding the ‘withdrawal’ of his appointment as the new GRTS boss.

Mr. Darbo responded, “Shortly before Magrib, I got this news too. But I was already issued an appointment letter and submitted my acceptance to the PS Ministry of Information.”

It is not clear to TAT if the appointment of Mr. Darbo as the new Director-General of GRTS has been rescinded as neither Darbo nor the Government through the Ministry of Information has authoritatively confirmed this development.

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