Judiciary Breaks Silence on the Alleged D11 Million Scandal


By: Foday Manneh

The Office of the Chief Justice of The Gambia has issued a statement following allegations of mismanagement of D11 million within the Judiciary, saying such allegations are false.

Last week, the Gambia Police Force spokesperson, Cadet ASP Binta Njie, confirmed to The Standard Newspaper the police special investigations unit has been investigating the alleged mismanagement of about D11 million at the Judiciary.

In a statement, the Office of the Chief Justice says no such cash has been stolen from the judiciary funds.

“That is not the case. The Judiciary has not lost any such funds.” The Office said in a press statement.

The Office of the Chief Justice said it is aware that various media have been reporting on the alleged fraud of D11 million within the Judiciary. Still, it said the reports are of significant concern to the Judiciary as they create the impression that the Judiciary has stolen or been defrauded of the said amount.

The release further clarifies that what appeared to be an attempt to defraud the Judiciary was discovered by the Judiciary in 2021, and necessary actions were taken accordingly.

“The intervention of the Central Bank and Senior Management of the Judiciary thwarted the attempted fraud. The Judiciary reported the matter to the Police on the 15th December 2021. The staff member concerned was sent home pending the conclusion of Police investigations.” The dispatch clarifies.


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