Jungler Malick Jatta Becomes Taxi Driver As TRRC Recommends His Prosecution

Malick Jatta

By Mafugi Ceesay

The Alkamba Times has been reliably informed that one of the members of the Ex-President Yahya Jammeh’s hit squad (Junglers), Malick Jatta, is now a taxi driver plying the Brusubi roundabout to Kairaba Avenue traffic light area.

A source close to Jungler Jatta told the Alkamba Times that he (Jatta) sold half of his Tujereng compound and bought a vehicle for use as a commercial taxi.

The source also stated that the said vehicle is not yet painted in Gambian taxi colours and still maintains a commercial number plate.

Revelations from the Gambia’s Truth Commission confirmed Malick Jatta’s complicity in a number of killings sanctioned by former President Jammeh.

The serial killer made public confession of all killings he actively participated in at TRRC public hearings.

Some of the extrajudicial killings Jatta was involved in include: the unlawful killings of Dawda Nyassi, Ndongo Mboob, Deyda Hydara, thirty foreign nationals (Ghanaians and other West African
migrants) and former intelligence chief Daba Marenah as well as some six others.

The juggler-turned taxi driver  provided detailed accounts of how these killings were committed most notably his participation in the killing of veteran journalist Deyda Hydara.

Equally important to note is Jatta’s open denial of involvement in the massacre of the West African migrants in year 2005.

However, testimonies from other Junglers including Omar Jallow alias Oya and Alieu Jeng suggested that their former hit squad colleague Malick Jatta lied about his participation in the grueling mass killing of West African migrants.

TRRC Recommendation

The truth commission has recently submitted its report to the Presidency and recommended the prosecution of all the Junglers and other persons listed for their complicity in crimes referred to the report, subject to the granting of amnesty that an Amnesty Committee may recommend and “Put in place a mechanism to identify the burial sites of victims, exhume their remains and conduct their proper identification to hand them over to their families for proper burial,” the commission further recommends.

The Truth Commission has also recommended further investigations into the killings of Mariama Camara and Alpha Jallow to bring perpetrators to justice. It equally urged the immediate arrest of Solo Bojang to help in locating unknown burial sites of victims.


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