Kiang Murder: Father of Homicide Victim speaks to TAT

Villagers at the scene of the killings Photo Credit: Kerr Fatou News

By: Mustapha Jarju

The Father of one of the underage children killed in Kiang Jifarong on Sunday morning, Fakebba Njie, spoke to the Alkamba Times and said the suspect in his child’s murder, also called Fakebba, is “mentally imbalanced.”

“Someone who is mentally fit would not kill children like this. We all know it is painful, but we must also understand that the alleged perpetrator is “mentally imbalanced,” Fakebba told TAT.

“When I heard about my daughter’s death, I asked, was it a vehicle accident, then I was told Fakebba, a lunatic slaughtered her,” said the Father.

As the incident reportedly happened in a bathroom without family members, Fakebba added he could not give any more details on the killings.

“I went to a neighboring village for a funeral when I was called by a relative from our village that my daughter and the other child had been killed,” Fakebba said.

The two children involved are a 3-month-old son of Malawu Njie and a 6-year-old Fatou Njie — daughter of Fakebba Njie.

The suspected lunatic, reportedly a nephew to Fatou’s Father, has been arrested by the Police and detained at the Sankadi Police Station.

In a press statement earlier, the Police also confirmed the incident and said, “the suspect is a lunatic who ran away into the bush after the alleged incident. He was later apprehended and currently helping the Police with further investigation.”


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