Mayor Bensouda says UDP’s victory in LG elections set a strong foundation for his reelection


The Mayor of the Kanifing municipal council, Talib Ahmed Bensouda, has said the victory of UDP councilors in Saturday’s local government elections sets a solid foundation for a UDP mayor in the next month’s mayoral elections.

Bensouda, seeking reelection, will battle with NPP’s Bakary Badjie in the country’s most populous Municipality.

“Yesterday’s election sets a solid foundation for a UDP Mayor in The upcoming Mayoral election set for May 20th- —with these newly elected councilors, I am looking forward to continuing to serve and deliver more positive progress and working together for a brighter future with projects that will impact you and the generations to come,” Bensouda said in a statement congratulating the elected and elected councilors under UDP ticket in a statement issued by his office.

Out of 19 seats, Mayor Bensouda’s team pulled 16, leaving NPP and other candidates with four spots.

” To all those who voted and those who supported in their ways during yesterday’s council elections, I extend my sincere appreciation for the vote of confidence in making this win possible,” the Mayor said.

” I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the trust that you have placed in the elected representatives as we continue to move forward in a manner that allows KMC an opportunity for continued growth and greater development.

Congratulations to the elected council members, and thank you for your willingness to serve and what you are about to undertake.
This Election results demonstrate an increase of the Udp numbers: from 12 councilors out of 19 >>> to 15 councilors + 1 under review out of 19…”

As your Mayor, this result is a clear vote of confidence in our services and development plans for the people and the communities. We are thankful and will not relent in pushing for more development. The future is very bright; he told party supporters.

” With this elected team of councilors from my party, I am the MayorMayor that you need to continue enforcing and delivering on the development agenda for you and the communities.”

Assuring the electorates, Mayor Bensouda said: ” I guarantee you that under my leadership, KM will be the Municipality that will set the national standard for more collaboration, cooperation, and development —A model we will all be proud of locally, Nationally, and beyond.”


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