Modou Ceesay Appointed As New Auditor General of The Gambia

Modou Ceesay, New Auditor General

By: Foday Manneh

The former Chief Audit Executive for the Government, Modou Ceesay, has been appointed as the new Auditor General of the National Audit Office of The Gambia.

“I can confirm my appointment as the new Auditor General.” Modou Ceesay, the new Auditor General, told Alkamba Times.

Modou Ceesay, who succeeds Karamba Touray as the new National Audit boss, has a proven track record in providing robust leadership within internal audit mechanisms, covering risk management and broader governance issues.

Mr. Ceesay held senior executive management roles and had over 11 years of experience in finance departments, accounting, financial reporting, internal audit, risk management, business improvement, and governance.

The new Auditor General also worked at the Accountant General’s Department (AGD) of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs as Principal Accountant in the Financial Reporting Unit (Accounting Unit) before being appointed in the Directorate of Internal Audit of the same ministry.

He has years of experience promoting transparent and responsible use of public finances in MDAs, LGAs, Donor funded Projects, and broader public sector administration, helping Accounting Officers/Vote Controllers from strategic, operational, and risk management perspectives.

As enshrined in the constitution of The Gambia, the Auditor General shall audit and report the public accounts of The Gambia and all public offices other than the office of the Auditor General, including programs and activities underlying national statements.

The National Audit Office was established by the Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia as the Supreme Audit Institution to assist the Auditor General (AG) in the performance of functions conferred on him or her as head of the NAO.


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