MoHERST Confirms Late Payment of Stipends to Gambian Students In Morocco, Promises Payments Next Week

Dr. Yusupha Touray, Permanent Secretary, MoHERST

As published by The Alkamba Times yesterday over the delay in payment of stipends to the Gambian students in Morocco who are facing food insecurity and fear of eviction from rented houses due to the uncertainty in receiving their annual stipends from The Gambia government, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, has affirmed the late payment.

They claim that funds will reach the Gambian embassy in Morocco next week to effect payments to what they described as “deserving MoHERST students.’

The leadership of The Gambian Students Association in Morocco (GASAM) yesterday, released a press statement venting their concerns and dissatisfaction with the government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology for delaying their stipend which many students are highly dependent on for accommodation, feeding and other necessities.

This came after their multiple engagements with the country’s higher education ministry failed to produce a positive outcome.

However, after the press statement on Friday, 5th August, the Ministry also issued a statement late hours yesterday to confirm the revelation by the students. The Ministry assured them that funds will be in Morocco next week to effect payments, but only to those considered ‘deserving’ students.

“The Accountant General’s Department was advised to make necessary payments to the Gambian Embassy in Rabat, and it has been reported that the funds will reach the Embassy early next week to facilitate payments of stipends to all deserving MoHERST students,” the release stated.

The higher education ministry further advised the students to be patient and assured them that the Ministry shares their concerns.

“Considering the above, the Ministry advises the students to exercise patience and assures them that we share their predicament. However, we must address these issues for national interest to avoid audit inconveniences in the future,” the Ministry said in a statement.

According to the statement, the Ministry discovered that some students have received stipends after completing their prescribed timeframe program sponsored by the Ministry of higher education.”

In a press statement, the Ministry said only those under the scholarship of the Ministry will be paid the stipends.

“The Ministry discovered that some students would complete their undergraduate programs and continue to pursue advanced studies in the same programs without clearance from the Ministry. It has also come to light that some students could not finish their programs during the prescribed timeframe. At the same time, they continue to benefit from stipend payments in their fifth and sixth years of studies in programs they are supposed to complete in four years,” the Ministry explained.


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