Mother of Three Launches Third Book, Advocating for Women’s Voices


By: Alieu Ceesay

On a momentous occasion at the Gambia Technical Training Institution (GTTI), Mrs. Raki Jallow, a mother of three, unveiled her latest literary creations, “Because I am a Woman” and “A Bright Light Switched Off.” This marks her third published work, a testament to her commitment as an educationist and advocate for women’s voices.

Amidst the academic ambiance of the GTTI, Mrs. Raki Jallow celebrated the launch of two significant books, adding to her growing literary portfolio. In a conversation with The Alkamba Times, Jallow shared her inspiration drawn from Gambian authors, expressing a profound desire to amplify women’s voices through her writing.

“My motive behind my writing is to amplify the voices of women because if you look at my writings, they are about women’s stories,” she conveyed passionately.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by many Gambian writers, Jallow highlighted the financial constraints of printing and the struggle to garner sufficient readership. “The cost and the challenge of not having enough readers to patronize is a problem that is one of our biggest challenges,” she noted.

Calling for public support, Jallow emphasized that with collective backing, writers in The Gambia can contribute valuable knowledge to readers, combating the high levels of illiteracy in the country.

Michael Hamadi Secka, a book reviewer, advised Jallow to consider adapting her books into cinematic formats to facilitate widespread accessibility in the age of advancing technology. He also urged the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to throw their weight behind Gambian writers.

“The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education should take these books seriously; these are the types of books they should read. Remember, literature is drawn from society, so we should care about our society,” Secka emphasized.

Tida Jarju from the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education endorsed Jallow’s book Because I Am a Woman, viewing it as a valuable resource for finding solutions to challenges in girls’ education. 

She encouraged women and girls to delve into these books, citing their potential to enhance life skills and address situations of sex and gender-based violations.

“I urge everyone, especially women and girls, to read these two important books because they will help improve your life skills and help you cope with every situation you may encounter, especially situations of sex and gender-based violations,” Jarju passionately said. 

Other speakers include Seedy Njie, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of the Gambia, amongst other high dignitaries.


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