MSJ-4 Condemns President Barrow’s Basse Market Inauguration Speech

Ariel View of Newly built Basse Market

The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ-4), a youth-led movement operating in the Upper River Region has issued a strongly written press statement condemning the statement made by President Adama Barrow during the inauguration ceremony of the newly built Basse market on Saturday in Basse.

The pan-African movement which advocates for social justice and freedom say the President’s statement regarding the allocation of canteens at the new Basse market is a threat to national security, citing that his statement is a violation of institutional rights.

“The statements of the president stating that the Governor of URR will form and lead a committee that will oversee the allocation of canteens to beneficiaries at the Basse market. Any canteen holder without the stamp of the Governor on his or her acceptance letter is null and void, and also the previous canteen owners of the ravaged market will retain their stores – these are not in line with the laws of the country, most especially the local government act 2002,” said the Press Statement issued Sunday Morning. 

The movement further stated that the President’s statement is also a threat to national security as tensions have erupted between the Basse Area Council and the Governor’s office over the matter.

Despite 90% of the occupants of the former market being non-Gambians, the movement also warned the president on the issue of Xenophobia, calling that the privilege must be given to Gambians in the new market to help strategize in boosting the economy of the country.

In conclusion, the movement strongly condemned the President abusing of his powers by extension discriminating opposition’s lead council which threatens the spirit of democracy and the rule of law.


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