Chairman BsAC Says General Council will Reply to President Barrow’s Statement on Basse Market

foday Danjo, Chairman Basse Area Council

Foday Danjo, Chairman of Basse Area Council has said that an emergency general council meeting is scheduled for Monday, 28th February 2022, in response to a directive issued by President Adama Barrow for the Governor of Upper River Region to be responsible for the allocation of shops at the newly built Basse market, which by law is the responsibility of the council.

President Barrow over the weekend while inaugurating the new Basse market delegated the responsibility of allocation of stalls to the Governor of URR, Samba Bah instead of the Basse Area Council.

The president stated that the Governor of URR will form and lead a committee that will be allocating the canteens at the newly built market, emphasizing that any canteen holder without the stamp of the governor on their acceptance letter will be regarded as ‘null and void’.

President Barrow also mentioned that all the previous canteens owners during the fire outbreak will get their shops back.

“We have called for an Emergency General Council meeting on Monday and after that meeting, we (Council) will come up with a statement. Personally, I believe that the President is overstepping his job because the allocation of stalls at the markets is guided by the Local Government Act,” Chairman Foday Danjo told Alkamba Times.

He added: “I believe allocation of stalls is the responsibility of the Council. However, tomorrow(Monday) we will hold an emergency General Council meeting and come out with a common position.”

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