Multiple Award Winning Gambian Activist Fanta Ceesay is Inspiring Generations

    Ms. Fanta Ceesay

    By Lamin Drammeh

    Every day we are inspired by young people all around the world – using their voices and God’s given talents to impact their generation and generations yet unborn – seeking to make a positive change. One brilliant young woman who is making a substantial impact on the globe by inspiring generations is Ms. Fanta Ceesay.

    Born to a parent of humble background in rural Gambia, the 24-year-old Fanta has established herself as a leader in the world of activism and some humanitarian work. Her voice represents that of hope for the future.

    Fanta has gained tremendous experience in mentorship coaching and public speaking, using her platform to amplify the voice of young people, particularly women and girls of all ages, to become leaders in various areas of specialization.

    In February 2022, Fanta created the Gambia Healing Foundation (GHF), which she uses to activate change-makers and advocate for equal opportunities amongst young people irrespective of their social or political standings in our Gambian society.

    The aspiring young politician who works at the National Assembly, The Gambia as protocol Officer for Majority Leaders, has represented her country in a series of international conferences, winning multiple awards in the process.

    She was a recipient of the icon of the Hope For Vulnerable Citizens of Africa Award, The Voice Achievers Award, and The African Leading Women’s Award (ALWCA).

    Ms. Ceesay has been conferred the prestigious ALWCA award in Abuja, Nigeria, along with fellow countrywoman and politician Nenneh Freda Gomez, who doubles as a country representative For Global Hearts of Medical Mission (Global HOMM).

    The award was presented to Fanta for her invaluable contributions to promoting access to education, skills acquisition, economic opportunities, and social inclusion. The Abuja conclave gives Fanta a rare chance to serve as a worthy ambassador of her country once again.

    She hailed the tremendous contributions of her parents for their role in shaping her future toward a path of greatness, saying, “I have received immense support from my parents. They supported me every step of this incredible journey. This honor award is dedicated to them (referring to her parents), my stepmothers, and all the women out there.”

    A humanitarian pro-democracy youth activist fighting for child education, Fanta is pursuing a career in International Relations, Peace, and Conflict at The Management Development Institute, The Gambia (MDI).

    With many international awards under her belt, Ms. Ceesay is one of the most influential young people on the continent. Her ultimate goal is to help create Africa’s sustainable socio-economic and peaceful political environment.


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