New Website seeks to change the narrative by positioning #Brand_Gambia


A new media platform is seeking to change the narratives by repositioning brand Gambia to the global stage and reporting on key issues the mainstream media deviates from.

Established by passionate social commentator and trained economist  Nyang Njie who believes the idea of selling and filling a space covering Gambian social media circles is a unique area that hasn’t been ventured into yet by existing sites.

Nyang Njie

“I’ve noticed a void in the deliberate attempt to package and sell destination GAMBIA. I have decided to brand, package and sell destination Gambia to the world,” Mr. Njie told Alkamba Times from his base in Banjul.

“Destination promotion goes beyond showcasing the beach, hotels, and historic sites of a country. I believe the people, their foods, cultures, tradition, family, and fashion are the cornerstone of selling and a case in point is Jamaica. Reggae and their language Patwaah are the focal points of Brand Jamaica. It is one of the smallest countries in the world but it remains a highly visited place due to Reggae music and Rastafarianism.

Mr Njie said, “the Gambia has a lot to offer the world considering Kunta kinteh, our traditional rituals and our rich variant culture of sabarr, Kankurang etc adding his “sense of duty to country propelled the desire to expose the Gambia to the world as his contribution to nation-building”.

Gambians are not conversant or aware of what this counts to offer to the world according to the trained professional who believes the country’s slavery past if properly packaged can be a pilgrimage to many.

“Gone are the days when sand, sea, and sun are the only value propositions for the destination. Our rich and horrendous past can be the highlight of the destination,” He said.


GAMBIA DRUMBEAT, according to Mr. Njie will serve as a portal for all things Gambia with an emphasis on business and the economy and Current Affairs from a people-centric approach, People & Society, Cultures and traditions of the Gambian social fabric.

“We intend to fill a space in Gambian social media circles that’s not been explored by existing sites. The country is in dire need of a unifying force that portrays our diversity by showcasing the strength in our diversity.”

“This page will promote the ideals of our founding fathers as espoused in our national anthem. For over 3 decades, our country has been slowly descending towards oblivion due to the image and news coming out of our shores. This page will deliberately change the narrative by positioning #Brand_Gambia for relevance in the global sphere.”

“Our maiden issue will highlight the values of our founding fathers when all odds were against them on the eve of independence in 1965. Berkley Rice in his book The Birth of an Improbable Nation clearly spelled out the predicament that befell the Gambia in 1965. Amidst all the doom and gloom, our founding fathers weathered the storm by ushering in a Republic that wasn’t endowed but had the desire to be counted as a respectable nation within the league of nations.”

Mr Njie further outlined plans to especially revive the country’s rich heritage and history.

“Gambia played an instrumental role in ending the Iran/Iraq War with the intervention of our former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. We were the supermarket of West Africa in the 80s and traders from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, and Mali re-exported goods from our shores. National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA) used the Gambia as their emergency landing site during the space race of the 1980s. We lost our luster and glory in the international community due to our indifference. Well, this page will once again reestablish our geographic relevance by showing the world what this little country has to offer the world.”

Nyang, who is passionate about portraying the beauty of The Gambia further told Alkamba Times: “DRUMBEAT is synonymous to a call to action and communicating. It is also an instrument used in entertaining people hence the cliché THE PULSE OF THE NATION.”

“This page  will show the world what the little Gambia is all about and her value proposition to the world.

Watch out for or monthly features of our touristic sites, our rich cultures, and tradition. Our foods such as the famous Jollof rice (Benachin) which is an acclaimed dish the world over. Please join us in unveiling the page that intends to reposition the country that has been sidelined by the world.”

Asked whether he has any plans for a partnership with the government, the DRUMBEAT initiator said:  “My efforts are geared up towards complementing Government’s efforts in branding the destination. There is synergy in collaboration and I am open to working with  the government in furtherance of the ideals set forth to propel BRAND GAMBIA.”

Nyang Njie told TAT that “The Gambia is an unusual country in the continent. Its proximity to Western Europe and South America gives it a natural advantage as a tourism magnet. What’s lacking is a deliberate attempt to position, market, and sell the destination to the world. This is my view needs a paradigm shift from our traditional method of selling the destination as a winter haven for Western Europeans. The Gambia in my view is a cultural bastion for Afro Europeans, African Americans, and Caribbeans as it is a place that most claim their origins from.
The Famous American Poet Phyllis Wheatley is from The Gambia and the first known American Muslim is from The Gambia. Alex Hailey traces his roots to the Gambia. The African descendants in the diaspora have been keen on discovering their roots and DNA has been helpful in this quest.”

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