New York Bronx fire disaster: 8 Gambians Confirmed Dead

One of the Victim of Sunday deadly fire being supported by Firefighters

The number of Gambian nationals, who died in the Sunday deadly New York city fire disaster has risen to eight, according to family and medical sources in New York City.

On Sunday evening, it was confirmed that only three Gambians had died from the fire incident but new information has emerged that another five people have perished in the incident bringing the number of dead to 8.

The incident at the high-rise Bronx apartment fire that killed at least 19 people, including nine children originated in a duplex on the second and third floors of the building but never extended past the unit and the hallway nearest the apartment, US Authorities say.

Smoke generated from the duplex blaze was able to filter out through an open door and spread throughout the 19-story structure.

The fire incident was the deadliest New York City blaze since 87 people perished in March 1990 in the Happy Land social-club arson attack, which took place less than a mile away.

Among the 63 residents injured, 32 had life-threatening injuries, nine had serious injuries, and 22 were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. 

Gambians from both home and abroad are mourning the loss of loved ones and raising funds to support victims’ recovery efforts.



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