Nigerian Woman accused of scamming many Gambians with millions of Dalasis arrested

Julianah Afonrinwo

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh

Police in Banjul have arrested Julianah Afonrinwo, a Nigerian national, for obtaining millions of dalasis from numerous Gambians on the pretext of offering jobs to them in the Gulf state United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Alkamba Times can authoritatively report.

Scores of affected individuals currently in the UAE expressed their disappointment towards the accused, who promised to offer them colorful jobs in Dubai but turned out to be false.

At least eighteen Gambians traveled to the UAE through the Gulf Platform Consultancy, operated by a Nigerian lady in the Gambia, and found it difficult in the Gulf state.

Meanwhile, Cadet ASP Binta Njie Jatta, a Gambia Police Force spokeswoman, confirmed the arrest of the accused, Patricia Afonnwo, and disclosed that the suspect had been charged with obtaining money by false pretense.

Musa Bah, a victim currently resident in Dubai, told TAT that he has paid more than a hundred thousand dalasis to reach the UAE, believing that his new job will be able to take care of him and his family.

He revealed that he was recruited for a driving job in the UAE after a six-month probation period, but he has been without a job since then.

He added that three have been withdrawn from the Dubai Cap Company that hired them and are left without work in the UAE.

He said they had relayed their stressful situation to the Nigerian lady, and no action had been taken to address their problem. He noted that some of them find life unbearable and beg in the streets to put food on their tables.

Samba Bah, brother to Ousman Bah, who was also taken to the UAE through the Gulf Platform Consultancy, said his brother finds life very difficult in the Gulf State.

He disclosed that his family spent close to one hundred and fifty thousand dalasi on Ousman’s travel, but since then, he has been left with no job to do in the UAE.

According to him, the family has invested all their savings in Ousman’s travel to the UAE through installment payments to Gulf Platform Consultancy in the Gambia, operated by Patricia Afonnwo. Patricia Afonnwo keeps demanding various kinds of payment for Osman’s stay in the UAE.

Another source in the UAE said what is in their contract differs from what they go through in the UAE.

She said the lady recruited more than eighteen drivers from the Gambia, most of whom are finding life unbearable in the UAE. They want to return to The Gambia but have yet to find a way out.

He revealed that the company had scammed millions of dalasi from poor Gambians with the pretext of giving them good jobs in the UAE, which turned out to be false.

Musa Bah, Mamadou Camara, Alpha Ebrima Jallow, Ousainou Lowe, Omar Gassama, Ansu Fatty, Cherno Dawda Jallow, Muhammed Buwarrow, Muhammed Baldeh, Yankuba Trawally, Nuha Manneh, Kawsu Sawaneh, Fabakary Jatta, Ousman Bah, Omar Jallow, and Shiekh Ebrima Njie are among over dozen victims of the Nigerian lady’s scamming scandal.


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