Police Charged GAP Leader Musa Bachilly with Obtaining Money by False Pretense


Following his arrest and detention, The Gambia Police Force has charged Musa Bachilly, the leader of the Opposition Gambia Action Party (GAP), with obtaining money by false pretense after he was accused of collecting monies from various people with intent to take them to the central American country of Nicaragua.

Confirming the development to TAT, Acting Police Spokesman, Cadet ASP Momodou Sisawo said: ” Complainant Xzy accused suspects Musa Yalli Batchally of Latrikunda German and Musa Batchally Bundung of obtaining money by false pretense.”

He said: ” Musa Batchally, one of the suspects, took $7,600 from the complainant under the false pretense of arranging the complainant’s son’s travel to Nicaragua and then to the USA through the Mexican border.

However, the suspect failed to facilitate the travel and could not be contacted after receiving the money. Musa Yalli Batchally was arrested on November 2, 2023, and was interrogated and charged with obtaining goods by false pretense and conspiracy to commit a felony.”

“The two suspects were detained, but on November 3, 2023, Musa Yalli Batchally decided to refund the money to the complainant and was escorted to the Eco Bank to do so. The money was returned to the complainant, leading to the release of the two Batchallys.”


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