Previously The Arrogant King In The Village: Inside The Underground Wall


( Previously The Arrogant King In The Village)

Season 1 Episode 10. 

Inside The Underground Wall

By: Saffiyah Joof

“Put those clothes on”, Karim’s mother said in a stressful voice “.  Awa, who’s into African modeling and design has an interest in nurturing her talent and has bought some materials to sew for Karim’s wedding. She believes in her country in terms of winning wars. And her styles are not for our small tags, 

“Haven’t I warned you about being cheap? I told you to stay away from my son, and in fact, I don’t think he would ever marry you because I knew ever since that you are here to help him know the hidden treasure of this land. I can pay you for a ransom and be far away from this, house ” Karim’s mother said with a smile. 

Awa cried in response  “I touch the tissue of your heart and I worship all that you ever wanted.

I watched the streets and found that they are empty of beautiful little flowers.

Fresh they look into our eyes, 

So cheap to touch all angles,

We don’t need to pay off their prices,

A different share of research, each may hire their choice, displaying the beauty of emptiness,

They are young future mothers, 

very young, very strong but stubborn not old, they are useless to be very bold, despite everything being very loose. 

Pretty just now, but I’m worried,

Who would marry them again? Hope they will change forever,

because of their seductive beauty, and their appealing struggle to escape traumatic moments of their life. 

The African trademark they possess,

they have lost the price it takes to buy them, and you seem to be manipulative like them, that is you, I remember much about you Rose, I knew your history and how Karim’s father got to hook up with you. I hope you didn’t notice that the girl you have been bullying has finally changed”. Awa continues for a while and turned around to her little son who was crying to consolidate him with a big hug.  And  Rose in a lower tune sending her voice loud, ” I am sorry, 

Her dad is a street smoker and you are equally a prostitute product and bloodsucker. Why can’t you get off my face, you small rat?”. 

Awa doesn’t do any housework on that day or worry about her appearance. She rather rolls her eyes in direct contact with Rose for a second then slammed the door behind her.  

There are all types of people living in this underground wall, that was built perfectly for war purposes only. Which has everything inside, and the medical Doctor that stopped at her was known by everyone that he acts like a gay. He stood for a second to glance at her, ” oh! but her eyes are beautiful and I wish to have such a dress for my date tonight”, he said.  I don’t mind being in a situation of war and I believe that society would accept us one day, it’s a democratic country and I must confess to having involved colleagues at work and friends to let me practice what I want to be. It’s only in Africa that seems to be a crime. I need to be quiet before someone else hears this”, He said. 

The guard overheard him and said, “You will always leave in dreams, 

For your rights in Africa have been ceased, you can’t even convince your closest finger, talkless of being an influence in this country. Again, if you ever thought of that idea, your morning rabbit breakfast would be butchered on the floor. These are the rules of the land speaking in parables”. The strange soldier added and asked the doctor to get to the hospital because people aren’t getting better and the pressure of fear is getting some people to lose appetite. 

Karim’s father said, “Why can’t we be together? and besides, you can convince your children after the war. I have done some worst atrocities but as a father who rules this land for some years loves his children. My love for the boys was mixed with power and I regretted it, which could be amended. You need to talk to your son, he post to Rose”. 

Rose looked at him with a bad eye, ” do you want me to call the prison guards for another nice torture. After you will be working in bright sunlight looking for me. I’m your horse by then but now I’m the one ruling because your sons are going to slaughter each other. I want to be a cow that would knock you down every morning. And that I love you very much with too much hate, but it doesn’t seem to make the slightest difference because you need to leave like this for many years. There ought to be a law for people like you. Who abused women, insult the elders, ruined our livelihood, disturb the neighborhood and imposes power, and forsaken the poor people. I’m going to be a cow woman that would cook for your poisonous foods. Never shall I lose a battle, didn’t I advise you of your pride. You are priceless and all quiet now, it’s June my favorite month, for this day was never being in your dreams, right? Rose posted back the question and spit on him. “You deserved the suffering”, she said. 

“Harsh!  it’s today that my beards itch,

It’s today that my tongue doesn’t touch your body, it’s today that you realize your powers, a poor neighbor I pick you from, 

Little maid to become a crown princess, 

You have ever been my honeypot, I gasp to make your nights look good because you were a hooker, I make you princess” Karim father said. He provokes Rose purposely to get to know her plans while with his chip device recording her.  

She left to the main little palace that the guards set for the royal family. In the house they sat in silence, waiting for the outdated Tv To be set. The village life is not easy, especially for such a land that has been touched by so many wars and unlucky for a good king. It was there, for the first time to have gotten a king that have the country at heart. On the other side, these were tribe men of different family backgrounds. They exchange the good cultures that they shared. Religious believers that have faith in God.  It’s among the greatest land that area could ever have with abundant resources but it was full of crimes immediately after the new democratic era took place. 

At night the people are busy praying and struggling to get food to eat. The arm rubbers are in the city breaking the rich people their houses and taking whatever was available at their disposal.  Almost all the city soldiers have left for war. But there was a  treasure that was never been mentioned in the recent kingdom and that Karim haven’t gotten knowledge of it. Rose knew this secret and she vacuums to eliminate anyone that would be close to Karim. 

It’s the dripping space of goodness, 

“I give up my mind on encountering, never would I give directions, never would I tell him how I feel, I will know whether you see the bigger pictures, the billboards all printed on my face, as my voice replace me, it speaks for me in my writings and it takes what is special in me, at the moment that many don’t understand me. Even a toddler has grown hard to seek, In as much as I deleted, I will amend and replace. I am a little Black Girl praying to be grown, lock up under a cage where my story is hidden. I accept this as my vacation, to do what I am good at, at times it falls and I pursue, it sometimes dark and I bring in light, the hill is hostile but we put up not too frightened, you have it again, you paint it plain, it’s painful but we will get to the promised land ” the poet boast into tears for the whole room looks very sad but solid with some firewoods that were used as a light. A line in the poem that the little angel recited while the night enters fearlessly. Rose arose very guilty and call for everyone to go to bed. 

To be continued in season 2 episode 1. 


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