Reducing Substance Abuse: NPP’s Seedy Ceesay vows to create Rehabilitation Centre For Young People of WCR


With the rise in the number of young people into drug abuse and addiction in the West Coast Region, the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) candidate for the next month’s Brikama Area Council chairmanship election, Seedy Sheriff Ceesay, has vowed to create rehabilitation centers for young people of West Coast who are into drug abuse to reshape their future should he be elected as the chairman of Brikama Area Council.

Ceesay, who has been coming into the limelight in politics since the political debacle in the 1997 and 2002 parliamentary elections, claimed that there is substance abuse in the West Coast Region where many young people are addicted to alcohol and drug abuse. He said he will curb by establishing a rehabilitation center in the region.

“There is a need for a rehabilitation center in the West Coast Region, where these kids who are into drugs, alcohol — we will get them there and build them to better person because none of them wants to be in the streets taking alcohol or drugs,” he mentioned.

According to him, many young people in the region are into drugs because they don’t have anything to or guided in society, something he intends to end if given a chance as the chairman of the Brikama Area Council.

“They are into drugs because they don’t have much to do or are not guided. But when the guidance is there, they will do much more for themselves and the country.”

Explaining his agenda for the young people of the region, who comprise about 60% of the voters in the area, Ceesay said his led council will gather all young people into businesses in the region and engage them on their needs to help them improve their businesses and skills.

Seedy Sheriff Ceesay will face stiff competition for the post of chairman of the Brikama Area Council. He will be up against UDP’s Yankuba Darboe and Ahmad Gitteh, a founding member of NPP.

Despite NPP performing poorly in the Councilorship elections by winning two seats out of the 16 wards seats NPP contested for in the region, Seedy feels optimistic more than ever before about winning the May 20th election.

He told the local media that his party has gathered what went wrong for them and is ready to redefine their approaches in the coming election.


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