Reelected Mayor Bensouda, new Councillors take an oath of office


By: Foday Manneh

Following the recently concluded local government elections in the Gambia, the reelected Mayor, Talib Ahmed Bensouda, and newly elected Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) councilors were sworn in office on Saturday, May 27, 2023, to steer the municipality’s affairs for the next four years.

The swearing-in ceremony held at the KMC was witnessed by various party leaders and supporters, diplomats, security chiefs, families, friends, and loved ones of the ninety elected officials.

In his inauguration speech, the reelected Mayor of KMC, Talib Ahmed Bensouda, thanked the electorates of KM for entrusting them with another mandate to lead their council while congratulating all the councilors on their elections.

Fast forward, Mr. Bensouda renewed his council’s commitment to fulfilling their campaign promises and said they would strive towards making the next term one of the record achievements in history.

“During our campaigns, we listened to the dreams and aspirations of the people. We heard the needs of the people for a council that is even more attuned to their needs, a people hungry for hunger development,” he said.

“I, therefore, re-commit to wake up every single day to do my utmost to deliver on our plans and to accelerate the growth we have previously registered,” Mayor Bensouda added.

Among other things, the reelected Mayor planned to achieve in the upcoming term, is to mechanize and process waste at the Bakoteh Dumpsite, expand market infrastructure, increase youth engagement and participation in development, establish a public information office to provide guidance to residents of KM, and to construct affordable housing to ease the congestion and rent burden of the less privileged.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Kanifing Municipal Council, Kajally Janneh, reminded the newly elected councilors of the monumental task ahead of them while calling on the people and residents of KM to commit themselves to pay their rates and taxes in the quest to achieve their developmental aspirations.

“You have sold your agendas to the voters, and they have voted for you abundantly; now is your time to serve them. We, as management, are committed to supporting all your initiatives,” the CEO said.

“They have availed themselves to the communities by contesting a representative position. The trust and confidence of the community of KMC have been bestowed on you. We urge the residents and people of KM also to fulfill their commitments,” Janneh urged.

All the ninety councilors, with the Mayor, took their oath of office administered by the CEO. They all promised to be faithful and bear true allegiance to the LGA Act and constitution of the Gambia without fear or favor, affection or ill-will, in the due execution of their duties.

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