‘Sabally’s Arrest, A New Tactic To Silence Opposition’ – Busumbala MP

Muhammed Kanteh, NAM For Busumbala

Hon. Muhamed Kanteh, National Assembly Member (NAM) for Busumbala Constituency, says the arrest and detention of Momodou Sabally, Campaign Manager of the United Democratic Party (UDP), is a new tactic by the Gambia Police Force (GPF) to silence opposition figures.

The former Police Superintendent of The Gambia Police Force (GPF) made this observation at the National Assembly Chambers while submitting his contribution to the Fourth Extra-Ordinary Session held on Thursday, 22nd December 2022.

“Hon. Speaker, what is happening in this country is unfortunate and unbearable, and we cannot condone it. Hon. Speaker, recently, we have seen the Gambia Police Force (GPF) being used by the Gambia Government to silence the opposition,” Hon. Momodou Kanteh called the Speaker’s attention to the arrest and detention of crucial opposition politician Momodou Sabally.

He added: “Just recently, the Gambia Police Force called the Deputy Organising Secretary of the United Democratic Party and questioned him, wasted his time and released him, and not long ago a youth leader, the youth leader of the United Democratic Party was also called by the same police force, wasted his time, questioned and released him. Speaker, just a day before, the same political organization saw a campaign manager in the person of Momodou Sabally also called, questioned, and later arrested and detained.”

The Independent Busumbala Lawmaker emphasized that the new tactic employed by the Gambia Police Force is purposefully meant to silence the opposition, United Democratic Party, noting that the tactic is unfortunate and unreasonable as a means to gag divergent views.

“This new tactic can undermine the peace and security of this country. I, therefore, call on the government of The Gambia to immediately release the person of Momodou Sabally, Campaign Manager of the United Democratic Party, and cease silencing their critics,” Hon. Kandeh stated.

The parliamentarian said Sabally was merely doing his job as a Campaign manager and politician to achieve legitimate democratic aims.

Sabally remains in police custody in the capital, Banjul, where a high court Judge ruled earlier on Friday to extend his detention until the end of the Christmas and New Year holiday break.


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