ST to stage Dimba Baa Concert on Saturday

ST Da Gambian Dream

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

Gambia’s leading rap singer ST Da Gambian Dream, will on Saturday stage his much-anticipated ‘Dimba Baa’ concert at QCity Mega Arena.

The event follows the release of his latest hit song, “Ay Wulay,” with biting lyrics that address double standards, corruption in the face of poor living standards, and the high cost of living.

“I am excited about the “Dimba Baa” concert,” the multiple award-winning Artist told The Alkamba Times.

This will be ST’s first concert at the QCity. The previous four consecutive albums were launched at the independence stadium with record-breaking attendance.

“We wanted to launch an album this year at the independence stadium, but the venue is unavailable due to rehabilitation works,” he said. “The concert will nonetheless be a huge one.”

ST has taken on environmental advocacy and said this year’s concert would focus on environmental conservation.

“For every ticket purchased, my Foundation will plant a tree,” he announced.

“Climate change is a reality that everyone is facing. As an artist and influential figures in the country, it is incumbent upon us to advocate for the good of society. Matching the number of tickets purchased by planting trees across the country will contribute immensely towards climate change mitigation efforts,” the Artist said.

ST said he will perform several new songs yet to be officially released.

The concert will witness the performance of a rich lineup of other artists, notably those he has collaborated with recently.


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