Teacher Killed on Bike to School


By: Foday Manneh

On Tuesday, Omar Sey, a teacher at the Kuli Kunda Primary School in Kiang West of the Gambia, was involved in an accident while riding to school on his pedal bicycle. Sey was later confirmed dead.

From the information gathered by TAT, eyewitnesses say the man, a native of Nioro Jattaba, was knocked down by a pick-up truck at the time of the incident.

Omar, who had served his entire professional career as a teacher, was one time a caretaker in one of the schools in his area. He made this decision due to the financial constraints he faced at the time.

20 years later, after leaving school, Omar returned to complete his education and sat for the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2019. He enrolled to study Diploma in English at the Gambia College in 2021.

Omar will later return to his community and serve as a teacher at a school he once passed through.

The young man has been highly hailed for his active involvement in youth matters, having served in various youth organizations at both local and national levels.


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