The Alkamba Times Anniversary Poem

By: Saffiyah Joof, TAT Poetess 
In September last year,
We promised you for a Media-change. 
Our team is trending, 
We peck the neck of information. 
In terms of Online News, 
The Alkamba Times has proved, 
Surviving the test of time. 
You can browse through,
On several roots to the news.
That brings the tights of truth, 
As special from the crew. 
We inform, we translate, 
with the best content tool.
Exposing the deception, 
A freedom space with no intimidation. 
Lodging to our anniversary, 
As we refused to publish unjustly.
Get your glass of juice, 
We top the Nation, 
Given you advance news. 
This is our passion, as we spilled. 
Fear not touch the click button, 
let’s scrolls, roll our eyes, 
On The Alkamba Times we can trust. 
#The Alkamba Times 
#Nna_kala(Saffiyah joof).


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