The Alkamba Times, Global Voices launch Media Partnership

Mr. Sainey MK Marenah, Founder and CEO Of The Alkamba Times

By: Foday Manneh 

The Prominent Gambian News Media platform published in the United States, Alkamba Times has signed a media partnership and Memorandum of Understanding with Global Voices, an international, multilingual news publisher primarily operated by a volunteer community of writers, translators, academics, and human rights activists based in The Netherlands.

The MOU among others will allow both media organizations to use each other’s content enabling Global voice to periodically translate and republish content previously published in The Alkamba Times.

The MOU which recognizes the editorial independence of the two organizations sets up a major partnership allowing TAT and Global Voices to cooperate on editorial projects, coverage, and content development.

Global Voices’ Co-Editor for Sub-Saharan Africa Nwachukwu Egbunike, Ph.D. said, “The partnership will be a significant symbiotic relationship, to the advantage of both media organizations. The Alkamba Times enjoys a growing local and international readership due to its extensive coverage in and out of the Gambia. As you are no doubt aware, Global Voices also has an international audience and we also translate into many other languages,”.

Nwachukwu Egbunike, PhD Global Voices’ Co-Editor for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sainey MK Marenah, Founder and Editor In Chief of The Alkamba Times, who signed the MOU on behalf of his media organization said the partnership will go a long way in adding value to the work of the two organizations and expand outreach for both content TAT and Global Voice.

“This kind of partnership will undoubtedly help both Organisations to reach diverse audiences and bring Gambian stories closer to the international readers. we deeply cherish relationships that work to strengthen global unity and increase access to information for communities in all parts of the world” The Top TAT Executive added.

Mr. Marenah, who featured several times on GV during his days in Exile added that the partnership is a strategic path to expand access to TAT and Global Voices, which is the first multicultural newsroom working to build bridges and global understanding”.

Our new partner Global Voices is the biggest multicultural news organization with a volunteer community of journalists from every part of the world working to build bridges and global understanding.

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