Safiyah Joof, Poet
Poem By: Saffiyah Joof 
A good fighter, he lamented, he hate the best friend, but couldn’t afford to kill that soul, that has the key to prove his wife is being poisoned. 
Penetrating the hearts without much fire,
As he stood to explain his inner pain, battling out with good gains. 
You know what we meant, 
Don’t play with our brains, 
Karim couldn’t skip the chain on the lane, 
He further sat down to sip some tea. 
Alcohol wasn’t his route, 
As he believes not into its cult.
Call the orphan boy, requesting from the maid. With a modern African name, call Betty. 
“Betty, can you kindly boil some hot water and don’t forget to brew Attaya as well,” karim said, as he stretches himself a distance from the TV and ready to reset and rehearse his daily duties.
His father in the prison was having a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. The nurse that attended him was the real mother of Karim, who covered her face to kidnap the former king of the village. It was well planned and some security personnel cooperated because the woman was very influential in the palace. She was extremely happy that everything went smoothly as she wishes. In the boot of the car, he was transferred with a stab of injection pills that would make him sleep for hours.  
The night enters, she began to round the bed as the former king’s eyes were dark, with a small touch light to see his horrible face. Her voice turns opaque, ready not to peck at him.  
“It is deemed necessary to pay back, 
I am taking my turn in this field, wicked wretched soul, he has taken what I love most, abuse all my eggs, at least I brought out two heroes that were hidden from the world, that survived to uproot you ” Betty said. 
With a loud slap to make him awake.
As the drugs haven’t been functionally done from his system. 
A voice replied, “wait, Betty, let’s separate the problems from the world, we know that he was a racist abuser, that assaulted most of us working in the palace. But how could we speak when the situations are between life and death. It was painful,  we couldn’t resist losing our lives. And today is our chance, to remind him about the history then bury him alive”. Betty smiles with a bite on her lips. 
The brother of karim, who was banished from the village by his father got prepared with extended extreme fighters that took a trip towards his father’s village. A letter that was sent to him a few months back has been changed by the best friend that knows both of them without their realization. Which trigger the upcoming bloodsheds that weakened karim with a disheartening feeling. On the couch, his hand was held, 
” For you know and he knows not, 
   You didn’t tear my heart to shreds,
Imagine, the first night in the grave,
Imagine, the first day with you in bed. 
He touches the same face,
As we feel very comfortable to gained. 
The angel of death is seen far, 
Words can’t explain, then the family wailed.
I could see you through my faith,
And couldn’t do much on my space, 
Your words echo as you lean,
I lost hope whether I will live on,
Too tight for my throat to speak on,
You didn’t give up but keep on, 
Very close as the love spreads on,
A theory of death comes closer,
But didn’t take me, the light is still on,
On the couch, his hand was held,
Requesting a second chance, 
As the dreams come true.
The beautiful elegant woman stood, 
To wake karim from the soft sofa. 
I have come to rescue your thoughts,
To understand that being sick is far from death, for only if the time is up. 
Karim eyes wildly open in shock, 
In terror, he wants to shout,
But the man in him couldn’t prosper, 
He instead begins to roar, 
Like a hungry lion in the jungle. 
“Baby you are my backboned to the throne, I want to ride it with your care, 
Your tender touches, your soft drinks, 
Your cooler body, your thoughtful dreams, to win the battles as you are single. Take my hand, I am ready to mingle. Tomorrow morning we announced the wedding riddles”. 
The love of karim life is back, 
The poetess is ready to wake the universe through its tick inks, to make the newspapers spring the next morning of the expected battle with an added caption that Karim’s wife to have fully recovered from the poison. A bonus to the eyes that read it but a heart attack to the best friend in the prison. The lights beam through the window with the spirit of karim and his wife to be said, “Good morning my king”.
#Episode 9 to be continued. 
#The Alkamba Times
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Sainey M.K. Marenah
Mr. Sainey M.K. Marenah is a Prominent Gambian journalist, founding editor The Alkamba Times and formerly head of communications at the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) and Communications and PR Consultant for The Gambia Pilot Program, under Gamworks. Mr. Marenah served as the Social media Strategist and Editor at Gambia Radio and Television Services. He is also the Banjul Correspondent for Voice of America Radio. Sainey is a human rights and developmental journalist who has carved a strong niche particularly in new media environments in the Gambian media industry. Mr. Marenah began his career as a junior reporter with the Point Newspaper in the Gambia in 2008 and rose through the ranks to become Chief correspondent before moving to The Standard Newspaper also in Banjul as Editorial Assistant and head of News. He is a household name in the Gambia’s media industry having covered some of the most important stories in the former and current government. These include the high profile treason cases including the Trial of Former military chiefs in Banjul in 2009 to 2012. Following his arrest and imprisonment by the former regime of President, Yahya Jammeh in 2014, Marenah moved to Dakar Senegal where he continues to practice Journalism freelancing for various local and international Media organization’s including the BBC, Al-Jazeera, VOA, and ZDF TV in Germany among others. He is the co-Founder of the Banjul Based Media Center for Research and Development; an institution specialized in research and development undertakings. As a journalist and Communication Expert, focused on supporting the Gambia's transitional process, Mr Marenah continues to play a pivotal role in shaping a viable media and communications platform that engages necessary tools and action to increase civic participation and awareness of the needs of transitional governance to strengthen the current move towards democratization. Mr. Marenah has traveled extensively as a professional journalist in both Europe, Africa and United States and attended several local and international media trainings.


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