Karim, who is serving as the youngest king of the village was inspired by the best friend to overthrow his father. 
His father has been ruling his small village under a harsh method. He knew the weakness of the king and its capabilities. 
He wrote a letter to the brother of Karim who has been banned from the village but was quite unaware of his relationship with the king. 
His best friend executed the plan as prepared, in his letter it reads,
“I have a set of clutches to set,
I have a barrel of oil to filter,
I have a heavy heart towards his wife,
Innocent she look into the bed, 
As the clock ticks, she seems breathless.
Hopeless as we plan she looks,
Waiting for hours to lay to sleep.
Arrange your men for a bigger filtrate,
We need to clean the gutters to clear,
The plan must be like a grave,
As I match to work underground”. 
With the tight rotation of security in the palace, suspicion has risen within the vicinity of the area. The grand inauguration was canceled because the wife to be is taken her last breathe. And she is the right hand of him. The trust grows higher as the best friend approaches him to comfort his soul. 
He said, “your men are well trained and we need to hold captive the traitor within us”. “I have been motoring the situation, and my investigative department would take charge of the issue. I believe that the enemy is in prison and he would do anything to hurt my feelings”, Karim added. He decided not to speak to his best friend on the unraveling truth. 
His undercover mum stepped inside the hospital to check on Amie. 
My daughter, “I wish my spirit allow me, to outline and declare the painful thoughts, as I face, found the clock to the secrets I have kept, for decades I have been hurt. If wishes were like roses, I shall shine with my story to the clouds. But the perpetrators shall be known as time evolves round the clock”.
She looks at Amie from the hospital bed as her eyes close seems to rest. 
Through the window, she hides out, dresses up like a special nurse on her usual routine. 
The tall man with haft dreadlocks of hairstyles,
Looks fragile and angry walking towards the door as the guide’s signal for his entrance. Well prepared with amorous zeal, his eyes grew very red, with the best friend next to him. Questioning him in panic, ‘have they checked on her, and do they find out what she has eaten?’ The best friend asked. Karim said, ‘ I do not want to disclose any information because if not someone might tamper with our evidence. In fact, why should you be questioning me instead you have a lot of work to focus on. I have been informed that my brother is preparing to wage a war against my kingdom but I guess it is a matter of communication barrier. Things could have been different because my brother has the same goal if properly connected like before”. 
Karim look at him into the eye and began to speak “We have lived in a society that trust is lacking, where best friends turn to be evil planners, they have broken many homes and separated many fathers and their sons. We smile at people that hate us most, we trying to figure out every cost, but our best answer to such people is to arrest them, Hatim”. 
He was dumped founded as the guards arrested him right at the hospital gate and ordered him not to say a word, if not it would be used against him in the court of law. They match passing the audience as everyone looks stunt and worried. 
Hatim was greatly welcome together with Karim’s father, the argument hitting hard in both cases, the father started blaming him out of jealousy and too much hatred, he has put his son on the forefront to risk his life on a throne he doesn’t deserve to seat. He smiles to tell him how miserable life would be for him, as an old grown man whose life would be forever in prison. Who would have thought that his best friend’s son would share the same prison with him? 
A lower voice was heeded for help, her voice boxes almost completely dead, for less she can speak. When Karim mixes his face to smile then later with sadness. 
He recited the poem with passion, 
“When will you arose to smile,
To keep me alive again, 
When shall I touch your hands,
So soft like dates, 
When shall I look at your face,
To fly high with your wings,
To roll down with your smooth waist,
My true African whose beauty glitters to see my sight.  
You are too raw to die, speak to me with the angelic voice”. 
Amie continue to ask, ” Where is my love, I want to speak to him”. she almost lost her sight and voice. Karim looks very sad, he replied slowly, “I’m here for you my love”. 
Episode 7( to be continued)
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