“This NPP Idiot is Ignorant,” Madi Responded to A Call for His Arrest

Madi Jabarteh

By: Foday Manneh 

Prominent Gambian human rights defender Madi Jobarteh said the National People’s Party (NPP) surrogate who demanded his arrest is an ‘ignorant citizen.’

In a widely circulating WhatsApp audio, a man suspected of being a member of President barrow’s NPP said in the audio that Madi Jobarteh with Momodou Sabally and MC Cham Júnior of GDC should be arrested and be silenced to ensure peace and stability in the country.

“When Thomas Sankara said a soldier without a political education is a virtual criminal, we can expand to say, a citizen without a political education is either a victim or a criminal or both,” the fearless right activist reacted.

“So when a citizen is ignorant like this NPP idiot, it means, in the first place, he will be denied his own right by corrupt officials without him knowing.”

Madi added that the NPP prospect loyalist is the type of citizen who will be ready to insult, assault, rape, and kill for or on behalf of a public officer. “He does not realize that the President, Ministers, or Parliamentarians are merely elected as public servants.”

The International human rights activist stressed that the lack of political awareness in most citizens is the only reason that The Gambia is poor, backward, and unjust.

“Not that we don’t see the injustice, the corruption, and the inefficiency of public officials, rather we celebrate them because we are ignorant of the fact that those public officials derive power from the people, and we pay them to serve citizens.” Madi lamented.

“Mr. NPP Idiot, tell President Adama Barrow and Inspector General of Police Abdoulie Sanyang that I, Madi Jobarteh, say they have no power to arrest any citizen. They have a choice to obey or break the law. If they break the law, let them rest assured that the day of reckoning shall come for them to pay.” Jobarteh reminded.

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