Two Books under Her Belt: Young Author Saffiatou Joof launches second book: ‘The Words On War’


By Fatou Dahaba

Saffiatou Joof, a renowned female poet and founder of Nna Kala Poetic Academic, on Saturday, November 18, launched her second book, “The Words On War,” at the Sir Dawda Jawara International Conference Center in Bijilo.

The launch brought together top educationists, diplomats, senior government officials, and students, who all thanked Ms. Saffiatou Joof for her commitment and stance to rejuvenate the educational sector through authoring books.

Ms. Saffiatou Joof

The book, which centers on the liberation of Africa, highlights the Gambian literary landscape.  

Speaking at the launching, Momodou Sabally, former Secretary General and Head of Civil Service, underscored the importance of literature in enhancing reading and writing skills.

Momodou Sabally

“Words on War is a perceived of knowledge. When Saffiatou was conserving this book, there was no war in the world, but today there is war in Palestine; poetry is compelling,” he said.

Sabally added that the book amplifies the people’s voice and, in doing so, the author speaks for the entire generation and is documented as one of the greatest treasures any age can learn from.

“Many areas are captured in the book, ranging from challenges and opportunities for young people migration, culture, and religion. Every facet of our life has been captured in this great book.”

Dr. Cherno Omar Barry urged Gambians to take up the responsibility of reading, saying one cannot be a good writer if you do not read.

Dr. Omar Barry

“Reading is the founding stone of building one capacity, and you cannot strengthen your writing skills if you don’t read; you must sacrifice your time for reading to get to another level.”

Seedy SK Njie, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, said the book wants people to reflect on colonialism. He added the collection dealt with the profound complexity of graveling the threads of imperialism and exposing postcolonialism on Africans.

Seedy SK Njie, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly

“The book singles out corruption, regret, black magic, prison, and abortion as serious issues in the society that people should learn and know about.”

The book was reviewed by Ambassador Essa Bokar Sey, who thanked Saffiatou for reminding people that, indeed, words are powerful weapons.

Other speakers include Sheikh Chabbo Cham, Aja Maimuna Savage, Dr. Habibatou Drammeh, Dr. Musa Marenah, and Alagie Mamadi Kurang.

The Book is Saffiatou Joof’s second book in two years. According to her, the book delves into different themes such as corruption, black magic, prison, abortion, abuse, and other critical societal issues, which she seeks to address through poetry. 


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