Two of GFF sponsorships to kick start in 2023

Signed in May 2022, the contract between GFF and Baluwo will end in 2026.

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

The 2023 league season is set to start with some colorful news following an increase in money for the prize winners.

The money for the champions has been increased by 250,000 thanks to Baluwo, an e-commerce platform sponsorship worth $25,000 yearly.

One week earlier, before the signing ceremony, the GFF announced that the second and third-place winners in the male division One league would pocket home D500,000 and D250,000, respectively.

Signed in May 2022, the contract between GFF and Baluwo will end in 2026.

There was another contract in April that will see 1000 tempo balls being used for three years across GFF divisions.

The GFF told the stakeholders at the 2022 AGM that the distribution of the tempo balls is five tempo match balls to each club and 30 Tempo balls for each Regional Football Association.

What does this mean for football with a significant sponsorship? Last season champions Hawks, Red Scorpions, and Psv Wellingara all had their monies delayed for four months after being crowned winners.

The sponsorship is a gateway that will open doors and encourage other sponsors to chip in.

In the same vein, it will lift the FF’s burden every season. Of course, money is available for every activity of the ff, but GFF accounts are always red for reasons best known to them.

30% of gate proceeds are to be given to each club, and it was announced during the AGM. The stadium is still under renovation, and the Serekunda West venue has been rebranded by Africell. It will be completed over a ¾ year with the Capital investment from Africell.

With the West Park and the stadium unavailable, the Gff is left with fewer venues to squeeze both Male and female leagues.


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