U20 World Cup: Smiling Coast Fans Club Launches Fundraising Campaign to Argentina


By Fatou Dahaba

Smiling Coast Fans Club — renowned football enthusiasts behind the Gambia national football teams have launched a fundraising campaign to support their ambition of traveling to support The Gambia U20 at the FIFA U20 World Cup in Argentina. 

The fans club, which has raised D960,000 out of a prepared total budget of D5 million to support their trip, has revealed that the increased amount would only provide 20 of their members’ flight tickets, below the required amount for the 50 members.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, April 23, 2023, the President of the fans club, Mammy Sira Gaye, said the “Road to Argentina” campaign is a fundraising exercise initiated to gather funds for her members to participate and physically support the U20 at the World Cup tournament.

President of the fans club, Mammy Sira Gaye, speaking to the media at the launching of Road to Argentina

She said part of their aims and objectives is to complement the efforts of the national scorpion fans club and local fans club in the Gambia that have contributed to the sport’s expansion.

She urged the public to support them in kind or cash to achieve their dreams of participating in international competitions.

“We cannot afford to miss this opportunity as it’s going to be another stepping stone for the development of sport in the country,” Mammy told reporters.

The assistant vocalist of the Smiling Coast Fans Club, Fatima Susan Mendy, said fans are significant in such events, adding that they aim to bring out the needed ambiance in giving confidence to the players during games.

Smiling Coast Fans Club is welcoming the U20 Team from Egypt in March.

Another executive member of the fans club, Haddy Senghor, called on the business community, philanthropists, and stakeholders to come to their aid and help achieve their dreams.

During the press conference, the National Member for Bundung, Honourable Sulayman Jammeh, pledged D10,000 to support the Smiling Coast Fans Club ahead of their preparations to travel to Argentina. Hon Jammeh encouraged others to support these youth in showcasing their talents.

Smiling Coast Fans Club is a newly established fan club aimed at nurturing and developing skills in an outstanding, sustainable, modern professional sporting manner. In addition, the fans club Is committed to providing support, fun, and entertainment for national and international football clubs.


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