Unconfirmed Reports of An Attempted Coup in Gambia?

President Adama Barrow
President Adama Barrow

The Alkamba Times is closely monitoring unconfirmed reports of an attempted coup that was foiled on Tuesday evening involving some members of the Gambia Armed Forces who planned to unseat President Adama Barrow.

To ascertain the veracity of this rumored coup attempt, three different sources prodded by this medium have confirmed the news.

TAT contacted deputy Army PRO Malick Sanyang, who dismissed the rumored attempt, saying, “No, I am not aware of any coup, and it’s not true.”

Multiple sources within the security and intelligence services said the attempted coup was foiled by the military and Ecowas battalions stationed in the Capital, Banjul.

Some arrests have been made, one source told TAT, but the deputy spokesman of the Gambia Armed Forces said he’s not aware of any reported military takeover.

As the story develops, TAT will continue to monitor the situation and update its readers.

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